Help Students Stay in School!

The Local Community - College Fund Raising Card can save you hundreds of dollars!

Local Merchants offer special discounted offers to card holders to help support students and their local community!

Simply show your  Local Community - College Fund Raiser Card at the time of your order... to take advantage of  your discounted offer!

The card can be used over-and over until the card expires.

Support the students and your college organization by purchasing your fund raiser card today!

College Fundraising Post card

Let's Start a Local Community - College Fund Raiser Program for Your Organization! 

Once we have 12 to 15 Merchants partnering with your fund raiser program... we will print and distribute 1,000 Fund Raiser Cards at NO COST to  Your College Organization! 

The cards sell for a $10.00 and can easily raise $10,000 for your student causes in a very short amount of time.

To learn more about our College Fund Raising Program for your school organization... TAP HERE.

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